BraZen Gaming Chairs are delighted to have been an official sponsors to the very successful Streamcon 2019 Event.

This was Druid Gaming’s first major event but walking into Metronome you would not have known. They managed to attract a significant number of guests over the weekend, all of whom had a fantastic time and stayed from start to finish. The feedback was flooding in throughout the event and over the days that followed showing just how good an event was held. Many guests have even been asking how soon we will be back! The contrast of the relaxing retro gaming stations and the intense nature of the competitions held seemed to provide something for everyone, which was really important to us during the planning of Streamcon 2019.

A huge thank you has to be extended to the official StreamCon 2019 supporters Stormforce Gaming & Belong Arenas who made this entire event possible. Zero Latency VR; whose booths attracted a huge number of gamers and provided non-stop entertainment all weekend. Another huge thank you has to go to our guest speakers Nozzabox, Confetti College, Nottingham University and of course the Druid Gaming streamers. Their contribution provide some unsightly messages about the different platforms available to streamers, the career paths available within gaming, considerations for staying healthy whilst gaming and the experiences of being a streamer. The final thank you is reserved for our sponsors Webaround (green screens), Tenzing (drinks), RIG (headsets), iiyama (monitors) & Brazen (gaming chairs) as their high quality products put the finishing touch on the event. 

Some key takeaways from the event were:

 – a footfall of between 600-700 guests
 – 9 sponsors (including Druid Media)
 – 4 guest speakers per day
 – guests were queuing around the corner an hour before opening
 – no internet issues at all (1 Gigabyte)
 – no technical issues at all
 – guests already asking how soon the next event is
 – Over 40+ items given away
 – magazine distributed to every guest on entry and exit
 – brilliant insight into the fast growing Druid community
 Please find the images from StreamCon 2019 below!