Appreciation Week: Our Big Thanks to Our Valued Customers!


It is an appreciation week at Brazen.

We would like to start this new year with spreading more of positive vibes, and we thought of something to cheer us up in this cold, gloomy winter lockdown.

Lockdown in winter is hard for everyone. Even without the lockdown, winter is not favourite season for everyone. Returning to home-schooling, dark mornings and early sunsets, and the inability to see loved ones can make this winter season more difficult. But no matter the season, the way we approach it can make all the difference.

It is important to keep motivated and do what we can to boost our morale. Find the positives vibes from our day-to-day activities and gives ourselves rewards for our wins, therefore we decided to end this week by posting our valued customers appreciations towards our products that we have chosen randomly from our different social media platforms.

So here are some quotes from our customers and the photos we received this week that shows their happiness in purchasing our products.

Rich Adams on Facebook & Instagram: ‘I’m struggling to find the words to describe just how utterly awesome this chair is. From its premium aesthetics, to the sound quality, comfort and connectivity. It delivers and is worth every single penny! I’m 6 foot 3 and not as slim as I once was and there is ample room. I am very fussy with tech but this chair ticks all of my box’s and then some. I’ve listened to music, watched Netflix and played xbox all through the bluetooth and it is simply exceptional. The sound quality is so good and so immersive, it really does take gaming and movies to the next level. Do yourself a favour, stop reading this, get your debit card out and buy one!’


Michael Cielinski on Twitter: ‘First ever gaming chair from Brazen, and I am genuinely over the moon, looks and feels cool, and the lumbar support works wonder for my lower back problems. Thanks Guys’

Rockie Beech on Instagram: ‘Loving my new Brazen chair. So comfortable and amazing’

This is such a huge mind boosts to strive harder in exceeding our customer’s expectations knowing that our work has brought them such a great pleasure and happiness on top of what our products have to offer.

Thank you to all of our customer who have shared your happiness with us. Your happiness is our happiness. We at Brazen truly appreciate your business, and we’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us. You are the reason we do what we do.

Again, HUGE THANK YOU. Stay well and warm