British owned BraZen Gaming Chairs will always boast that we know we offer our customers an outstanding product at a very good price.

It is always somewhat reassuring when our belief in our uniquely British registered designed products are endorsed by others whose opinions we respect.

We are therefore delighted to note that the recently launched professional Esports league, The Nationals, in the Philippines has chosen to use BraZen gaming chairs for its professional players.

The Nationals was first announced in the summer of 2018 and launched at the start of 2019. The Nationals has been created with the support of six founding corporations – TheNet.Com; HappyFeet Esports; BrenPro Inc; Cignal TV Inc; PLDT Inc and STI Education Systems Holding Inc. Its aim is to fulfil a government objective of making the Philippines a nation which is renounced for having World class Esports capability by grooming Esports athletes to represent the Philippines in international tournaments.

The Nationals mean to make electronic sports a professional career with players being given monthly salaries ranging from 40 – 50,000 PHP plus other benefits such as team housing, physicians, healthcare, etc.

The Nationals is duly recognised by the Esports National Association of the Philippines.

The Nationals operates three video games running on three platforms – DOTA 2 for PC Gaming; Mobile Legends for Mobile Gaming; Bang Bang ; and, Tekken 7 for PS4 Console Gaming.

The Nationals, using our BraZen Gaming Chairs, are currently broadcast at 5 Plus on ESPN 5 in the Philippines. League matches will also be aired at the Egg Channel through Cignel TV. There is also exposure via cable tv in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia and Worldwide via streaming services on the internet.