Best Gaming Chairs For Xbox, PS4 and PC – and why?

eSports or gaming is booming across the World.

The figures associated with this rapidly growing industry are eye watering! 

Newzoo estimated that in 2017 the gaming industry would earn US$ 108.9 billion. They estimated that this will continue to grow to at least US$128.5 billion by 2020. They estimate that there were 2.2 billion active gamers in the World in 2017, of which 47%, or 1 billion gamers, spend money while playing. 

The UK games market place in 2016 was estimated to be worth US$3.8 billion, the 6th largest in the World. There are 31.6 million people playing games in the UK – over half the online population. “Console gaming is by far the biggest segment, with revenues of US$2.0 billion. Mobile gaming in the UK will reach US$1.1 billion with the PC market generating US$0.8 billion.” 

Gamers will clearly choose to buy their hardware and software before looking to buy accessories such as gaming chairs.

There are a multitude of options available to the gamer when looking to buy a gaming chair. Each gamer when deciding what is the best gaming chair for them will have personal criteria. Some buyers will choose mainly on brand – this is not necessarily the best way to go about choosing the best gaming chair – unless your objective is to make a fashion statement rather than have a game enhancing accessory.

The main gaming chair brands currently active in the UK include AK Racing (Taiwanese owned), Aerocool (Taiwanese owned), X Rocker (American owned), Nitro (German owned), Noble (German owned), DX Racer (American owned), Maxnomic (American owned), Playseat (Dutch owned), Trakracer (Australian owned) Vertagear (American owned) and BraZen (UK owned). 

The best gaming chair will be different for each individual. For example, a gamer who has limited space available may place a higher priority on having a gaming chair that is easily stored such as a folding floor rocker style of chair available from the likes of BraZen and X Rocker. Alternatively, a gamer who simply wants to play racing games and wants a chair which is compatible with their Logitech or Thrustmaster steering wheels and pedals will be looking for the likes of a specialist racing chair like a Trakracer or a Playseat. In summary, the best gaming chair for any individual person is the one that is functionally the best fit to meet their individual needs.

When the question is raised as to what is the best gaming chairs for the Xbox, PS4 and PC one is dealing with a very subjective question. There is no one absolute answer only an opinion. However, in an attempt to help a prospective gaming chair buyer short circuit their need for detailed research we make the following comments:

Identify main purpose of chair

The main choices are PC or Console (Xbox and PS4) chair?

In the UK there are essentially just two main suppliers of Xbox and PS4 gaming chairs these are UK owned BraZen Gaming Chairs and the American owned X Rocker. A console chair is commonly one which incorporates a surround sound system and will connect either directly or indirectly to the games console. These chairs can also be used as music chairs or cinema chairs.

If one is looking for a PC or office style chair then one has very many choices. The branding and colours of these chairs come in multiple varieties but there is little variation in functional use

Identify your budget

The price of chair can differ significantly. In our opinion it is not necessarily correct to assume that the more you pay the better the chair you get. Nearly all the chairs are manufactured in one area of China. Many of the parts on the gaming chairs are from common sources. Very often when you pay a higher price you are paying for perception (ie higher marketing spend) rather than substance (a better performing chair). This statement is particularly relevant when applied to the PC or Office style of chair. In our opinion BraZen gaming chairs offer very good value for money.

Look at levels of aftersales service

When one buys a brand new gaming chair one does not expect anything to go wrong. However, one has to accept that on “  occasions for one reason or another things go wrong – be it accident or manufacturing fault. It is worthwhile checking the likes of to see how customers have evaluated the aftersales service of both your chosen retailer and or manufacturer. At the time of writing both online gaming chair retailer and leading UK gaming chair owned brand had an excellent five star Trustpilot rating. This cannot be said for many retailers/manufacturers

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