New exciting Collab! Ready for comps, giveaways and much more.......


We are SO STOKED to announce BRAZEN GAMING CHAIRS new partner – ELX ESPORTS

ELX Esports  have so many synergies with us in regard to a mutual gamers first ethos and amplifying enJOYable gaming experiences with no comprimise.




To celebrate the launch of our new partnership ELX Esports have provided a 10% immediate discount code to ALL Brazen existing and new customers. Simply click on the button below to find out more.



"BRAZEN gaming chairs are super excited about our collab with ELX Esports. We share a mutual love and respect for the gaming community, in supporting the performance of home heroes as well as esports Pros playing on a global stage."


"We're excited about our future with BRAZEN onboard, to help us create amazing experiences for the gaming community and create heroes! Plus, helping BRAZEN further connect and engage with the community to help shape BRAZEN's future innovations."

Gettothechopper / Gingi / Powdermaus
Founders & Directors of ESN


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