Peace and goodwill to all who wish no harm! To those that do – bring it on!

There is a very good reason why BraZen Gaming Chairs is the UK’s largest UK owned brand of gaming chairs – it is embodied in the DNA or core values of the business as marketed in its brand name and strapline “no compromise!”

BraZen : the definition of BraZen means to be bold and confident

The way in which BraZen goes about its business is to be bold and without shame – that cannot always be said for some of our competitors who in our opinion have proven to put greed before morals and legal obligations. The team at BraZen strive to be the best at what we do and to conduct ourselves in a manner which leaves us proud. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to yourself. BraZen is about doing the right thing for all the stakeholders of the business – customers, employees, suppliers, etc. This definition of stakeholders extends to society as a whole where our objective is to do no harm and indeed where possible to do good. An example of our behaviours include the charity work we undertake – eg in Indonesia we make a contribution to the upkeep of a nursery from every chair we sell. This behaviour underpins the brand name itself and is further reinforced by our strapline – “no compromise”.

No Compromise! : this term is to reinforce the core brand value of to be bold and without shame. We aim to set the industry standard for best product, at the best price complimented with the best customer service. The best judge of our performance in this regards is the consumer. We have seen fantastic sales figures and customer feedback has been great!

2018 has been the best year ever for BraZen Gaming Chairs in so many ways, we are excited about our expansion plans for 2019 and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to motivate us:

  • Introduced a new range of higher specified products and have plenty more developments coming soon
  • Extended the number of corporate customers we now supply to across the globe with some mega deals in the pipeline for 2019
  • Benefited from a considerable and growing number of long term industry strategic partnerships
  • Significantly improved the quality control over our manufacturing process and to date have reaped the benefits with a massively reduced level of returns from our customers and therefore higher satisfaction rates when compared to our competitors.


Our product range caters for the full range of gamers – be they PC, mobile or console gamers; be they young or old; be they gaming hobbyists or eSport professionals, etc.

All our products where ever in the World they are sold are produced to UK regulations and requirements which are currently rated by many as the highest quality standards anywhere – especially when it comes to the fire retardancy requirements.

Our no compromise bold and without shame approach to performing our business is encapsulated in our approach to doing business and the results we get. Summarised as:

Largest UK owned brand: We are a long established, successful and trusted business because we consistently deliver what our customers demand!

Best build quality: We employ our own quality control experts who are independent of the manufacturer to ensure that the UK’s furniture rules and regulations – which are the highest in the World – are adhered to and our chairs are produced ethically.

Collaborative design process: We have numerous excellent – formal and informal – relationships with members of the eSports and gaming communities. We regularly use these contacts to market test our products and provide invaluable feedback to allow us to have a process of continual improvement.

Competitively priced gaming chair: We aim to ensure that the majority of our sales price is spent on product build cost and not the likes of marketing.

Excellent customer service: We endeavour to provide our customers with an excellent product at a competitive price complimented by a credible aftersales support service which is better than our competitors.

We wish everyone in 2019 to be BRAZEN – show “NO COMPROMISE!” – bold and confident.