It was not long ago when we established a partnership with with Christian Fuchs, a respected footballer for Leicester City and an avid eSports player who has successfully established his own eSports academy: The NoFuchsGiven eSport Academy. We are overly excited of this collaboration!

We supplied Christian with BraZen Sentinel Elite PC Gaming Chair as a prize for his giveaway and will continue to strengthen our collaboration by delivering more of our popular gaming chairs to The NoFuchsGiven eSport Academy team.


Christian’s delight in collaborating with us is confirmation of BraZen’s high-quality products and excellent customer service; we take an approach that is distinct from other brands and differentiate ourselves by ensuring that you can buy your ideal gaming chair without having to make any sacrifices.

BraZen’s ‘no compromise’ attitude is endorsed by many, including Christian Fuchs and his eSport Academy team. Such an appreciation to our commitment to strive providing customers with the highest level of gaming chairs to fully unleash the true potential of their gaming setups

Thank you Christian!

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