BraZen Esports PRO Height Adjustable Gaming Table; Designed with You in Mind


Gaming table is one of the best ways to take your ergonomics game to the next level, as well as an investment in creating a gaming environment that works for you; especially nowadays, that we are likely to spend more and more time in front of our PCs. The gaming table can be as important to creating the ultimate gaming experience as a gaming chair, with adjustable sit/stand desks also helping to keep your posture in check too.

Maintaining the right body position at your machine will ensure those many hours spent staring at your monitor are not going to result in actual pain, keeping you on top of your game. Paired with our gaming chairs in these working from home times of ours, such a setup will keep you pain-free. Brazen understands this need of gamers and delighted to present you our Brazen Esports PRO Adjustable Gaming Table.



Brazen Esports PRO Height Adjustable Gaming Table is another excellent Brazen branded product which is competitively priced as an entry level functional gaming desk. Easy to assemble, the great feature is the ability to materially adjust the height of the table by up to 20 cm. Manufactured with a strong melamine/carbon fibre board tabletop and leg supports, this table is to have a maximum load capacity of around 30 kg.

With a height adjustable desk, you can adjust the height to exactly where you want it. Hence, you can have your elbows at the right angle to game comfortably which is incredibly important; otherwise, you might have you are position where you do not feel natural — affecting your gaming performance. It doesn’t need to be pricey, yet this is a long-term investment in your health and yourself.

Brazen understands an adjustable desk will also make you more in tuned, engaged and more energetic to the game. Making sure you have the best setup to achieve the best results is essential to us, hence we present you this a height adjustable gaming table.

Take your gaming experience to the next level, feel the Brazen Gaming experience. 🙂