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BraZen Gaming Chairs – Best Gaming Chairs In The Philippines


It is already acknowledged and accepted in the UK by those in the know that if you are looking for a quality product in the arena of gaming chairs that BraZen are arguably number one.

Unlike a number of our high profile competitors BraZen prides itself by producing furniture which complies with UK Law. The UK has furniture fire retardancy testing and product labeling requirements which are the highest in the World. Unfortunately we are aware that not all gaming chairs sold in the UK have the necessary labeling and test certificate requirements which potentially means that some of our competitors are selling dangerous product.

The Philippine buyers admire and value the high quality standards demanded of UK furniture products.


Well here is some news from a country with a population of over 100 million people – they too appear to like the BraZen brand of chairs too. The pictures below are of the BraZen Spirit DUO 2.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair on display in a GAMELINE Retail Store in the SM North Shopping Mall in Manila, Philippines.

Gaming is massive in Asia generally and very popular in the Philippines. English is very commonly spoken by the population in the Philippines hence there is a close correlation in the gaming habits with those of Western Europe and North America. The Xbox One and PS4 and big sellers as are the popular games like Call of Duty , FIFA16 and Grand Theft Auto amongst many others.

It therefore follows that gaming accessories are in demand too.

However, when it comes to gaming chairs the Philippines has proven to be a late adopter. Prior to BraZen Sound Chairs turning up in the Philippines the only way to acquire a gaming chair would be by buying on the Internet from overseas at great expense.

BraZen Sound Chairs have to thank the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines who arranged introductory meeting and provided office space for a range of Distributors and Retailers to showcase their gaming chair product range.

There was a resounding thumbs up for the quality of the BraZen Gaming Chairs and their market potential in the Philippines. Watch this space for further exciting news of developments.