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BraZen Gaming Chairs Comply With UK Furniture Laws

BraZen Gaming Chairs Comply With UK Furniture Laws – BE AWARE we do not believe all our COMPETITORS do! Review your gaming chair for correct labelling!

All furniture which is sold in the UK is subject to very strict legal requirements in terms of manufacture and labeling.

We can confirm that to the best of our knowledge all BraZen Gaming Chairs adhere to the furniture industries highest health and safety standards.

As a consumer you need to be careful about the gaming chair supplier you use – especially when buying over the Internet from overseas companies.

The U.K. Furniture laws were introduced to protect consumers after a number of high profile furniture fires in the 1980’s which resulted in significant losses of life – the infamous event being the fire which started in the furniture department of the Woolworth’s store in Manchester.

The official name for the relevant regulations is as follows:
The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended in 1989, 1993 and 2010).

The UK regulations state (roughly translated) that the cover fabric must comply with the match and flame test, and any foam used in the upholstery must comply with the crib test.

In the USA, there is just a flame test, and they can use a fire resistant barrier to avoid using fire retardant foam.

The UK have the most stringent requirements in the world, they are more stringent than the US and Europe.

Also products for sale in the UK must have the relevant labeling, below, so it is worth checking if your gaming chair product is legally labeled.


We can confirm that we believe that a number of our competitors maybe not complying fully with the legal requirement of the U.K.

For example, we are aware that a recently purchased DXRacer Gaming Chair was not correctly labelled and we have reason to believe that the company does not possess the necessary positive test certificates with regards to fire retardancy.


You should report any gaming chair trader whom you believe has not complied with the U.K. to your local Trading Standards Office. It is a criminal offence not to comply with the aforementioned statutory legislation.