BraZen Latest UK eSport Sponsorship Deal


BraZen Gaming Chairs have been officially announced as the Official Gaming Chair Sponsors of SteamCon 2019 organised by Druid Gaming.   The event is being held on 10th and 11th August 2019 at the Nottingham Metronome, NG1 1AP.

StreamCon is the U.K.’s first streaming – gaming convention! PC and console gaming, tournaments, streaming stations, giveaways, V.R and relentless entertainment. StreamCon creates a community for potential, upcoming or established streamers, gamers and eSports professionals. A platform for gamers to come together, support one another and learn how to become the next streaming sensation! Hear our guest speakers talk about their experiences as streamers, the challenges they’ve faced and the steps on how to become an eSports professional.

What’s On?

Think you’re a top tier gamer? Test your skills in Belong Gaming Arenas tournaments and beat your opponents to win amazing prizes. Sharpen your skills on Stormforce’s PCs or go live at the Druid streaming stations in the main auditorium. You can even enter into a variety of competitions to get your hands on some of the amazing loot. We’re giving away Consoles, Headsets, Gaming Chairs, Green Screens, Vouchers, Merch and more! Fancy an escape? Dive into the world of Virtual Reality gaming and try out a whole host of games such as VR Racing simulators and more. If it’s all getting too much you and your party can make your way to the chill lounges and escape the chaos. Or why not head to the cafeteria and enjoy the delicious food, beverages and entertainment available there too! Whatever you’re into, StreamCon has it and the most exciting part is the whole thing will be live-streamed on Twitch and other platforms! Get a real taste for what it’s like to be a streamer at StreamCon 2019.