It has always been Brazen’s social commitment to do the best we can to give back to the community. Our approach in business has been to set ourselves the ambitious objective of not only running an ethical, profitable business operation, but also to help the community as much as we can.

As one part of this commitment, we have been continuously supporting some Esports teams, including the underdogs, to help them grow professionally and achieve their dreams. Supporting an Esports team is also an important part of our COLLABORATIVE DESIGN PROCESS commitment. 

We maintain formal and informal relationships with members of both the Esports and gaming communities to test our products within the market and gain invaluable feedback, allowing us to have a process of continual improvement.

Brazen has just recently interviewed one of the teams in Indonesia that we have been supporting for the last 2 years, Nest Clan, to get an idea on how our support has positively impacted them; their response is greatly humbling to us.

Brazen’s support on us has been incredibly encouraging. We are extremely pleased and proud that Brazen has been continuously trusting us. It is such a great challenge to favour the trust, on which we strive to reciprocate in every way we can. 

We were a small team with less than 20 members and Brazen chose us. Brazen sponsored us with our first Jersey, and it was such a massive boost to our confidence to have Brazen on board. We were striving to be more active, and we are delighted that our team has been growing rapidly ever since. Oour members now have reached more than 100 players. Our divisions have grown onto few different leagues such as CSGO, MLBB, FORTNITE, PUBG, PUBGM, R6. Brazen has also supported Nestclan in many ways such us sponsoring our regular event Friday Night, and joining some competitions.

Having been our sponsor for over 2 years, from the very beginning until today, we have taken Brazen as part of our “clan” family. The support has been immensely touching that we strive to always do better to make Brazen and the rest of our sponsors proud.

Thank you Brazen. It’s is also because of you we are where we are now.”

It has been such a great delight to have been collaborating with Nest Clan. We believe we have done something right if the team that we help is in a better place than when we found them. As much as it is a great help to them, it has also been such an inspirational journey to grow closely with these gamers, and to know that they are available to lend their gaming experience and give us feedback whenever necessary. Without a doubt, their expertise in gaming and their existence in Indonesia’s gaming community has proven to be important to us.

Thank you, Nest Clan!