BraZen Python 2.0 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair: Here to Rock You!


Once again, we bring you lots of new stock of this popular floor rocker BraZen Python 2.0 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair


BraZen’s Python 2.0 Gaming Chair is perfect for providing any gamer with a high level of comfort during any session of gaming. It boasts a heavy padding and is curved to both support your whole body without leading to numbness. The folding mechanism makes for easy storage, while the curved shape enables the gaming chair to be placed anywhere on the floor with ease as it doesn’t take up much space.

In addition, the chair is built with surround sound and is compatible with not only Xbox One and PS4 but almost any device which creates an audio sound, which helps to immerse you further into the game and make any gaming session more exciting. The Python 2.0 incorporates cleanable to prevent discomfort and allow for a fresher feeling throughout your game.


Finally, BraZen’s Python 2.0 is sleek and stylish, with intricate details lined with bursts of colour to make any gamer feel truly professional.

Needless to say more, these photos will let you know why we are proud of our BraZen Python!