Brazen Python 2.0 in “The 48 coolest Christmas gift ideas for tricky teenager” By Hello Magazines



We are excited to have been featured in Hello! Magazine as offering one of the coolest Christmas gifts for teenagers!


Our BraZen Python 2.0 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair has been praised for being a “fantastic gaming chair” that offers high-quality comfort features and the ease of storage, so no need to worry about the Python’s size since it folds in half easily.

“A fantastic gaming chair for console-mad teens with the added benefit for mum and dad that it folds in half for easy storage when not in use! The chair is powered by the mains and has two surround-sound speakers built in to make sure your teen is fully immersed in the action whenever they’re gaming. Compatible with all devices (Switch, Xbox, PS4) it’s also remarkably comfortable to sit on, rocking back and forth as you extend your legs, allowing for acrobatic celebrations when that virtual goal is scored. Those more into PC gaming may prefer the Brazen Phantom Elite.”

Our Python 2.0 is also equipped with two surround-sound speakers that are compatible with most of the gaming devices – including Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The Python also allows for rocking movements, making it easier to manoeuvre within the chair without feeling constricted.

This truly is the perfect gift for teenagers – whether it’s gaming, watching a movie, or even simply listening to music, this chair is great for all purposes!