BraZen: Top Ten Best Gaming Chairs in Australia


Hope everyone have had a lovely weekend. We started our week with the great delight having received a brilliant news that 2 of our chairs have been selected to be in “Top Ten Gaming Chairs in Australia” by Best in Au, in which, one of them sitting on the first rank.

Best in Australia is an all-Aussie website dedicated to bringing you news and opinions covering a variety of topical subjects. As their name implies; they focus on reporting the absolute best stories to come out of this great nation. They offer trusted insight into the best products in the market, boasting a reputable following of thousands of followers across its social media profiles.

The BraZen Phantom Elite takes home the title of winner, ranking first in the list as it provides the best overall functionality and comfort for money, while the BraZen Pride 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair is recognized as the best sound chair.

Their review of the BraZen Phantom Elite PC Gaming and Office Chair highlights the gaming chair’s ability to offer endless comfort and support regardless of how you adjust it. It is easy to see why the Phantom Elite was ranked as the best chair overall as it provides excellent comfort features, such as its back and neck cushions, at an affordable price. Not only that, the Phantom Elite was also celebrated by T3 for being “a great gaming chair pick for those shopping on a budget”. T3 focuses on the Phantom Elite’s ability to transition quickly from a gaming chair to an office chair due to its comfort features, adjustable mechanisms and smooth wheels, demonstrating just how adaptable the chair is.

Alongside this, the BraZen Pride 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair was praised for being the best sound chair in Australia. BestinAU emphasises the chair’s uniqueness by drawing attention to its innovative design, which equips the gaming chair with a built-in audio system that is compatible with nearly all audio systems and, in particular, gaming consoles. The Pride 2.1 is “a unique chair, with a sleek, modern design” that makes gaming sessions more exciting as it is manufactured with high-quality, cleanable fabric to ensure that you stay fresh throughout your session, no matter how long that is.

These recent reviews of our chairs, the Brazen Phantom Elite and BraZen Pride 2.1, are just another testament to this British-owned brand’s ability to strive for the best with our “No Compromise” approach in quality products, innovative collaborative design, competitive price and after-sales service, because our customer trust and satisfactory are very important to us.

Full review is here. Thank you Best in Au for your recognition.