BraZen Emperor XX 2.1 Elite Esports DAB Surround Sound Gaming Chair

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Unique British Design. The Emperor range combines technical innovation with ergonomic
excellence and is above all else a luxurious and stylish adult sized piece of furniture.

New Generation of Sound Chair for a new generation of games console – connects either
directly or indirectly with all major games consoles – including PS5 and Xbox X.

The Emperor offers the gamer the ability to connect to their chosen device by using either digital, analogue or Bluetooth technology (DAB).

Surround Sound System. The Emperor includes a quality 2.1 surround sound system
including subwoofer.

The chair is sold with a selection of analogue and digital cables. No more need to buy
additional accessories such as a Digital to Analogue Converter Kit.

This is a contemporary designed chair with leather-like black/grey covering, ample
padding and robust fixed padded arms.

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