We are delighted to announce that our Brazen Salute PC Gaming Chair is now available to purchase from the reputable online stores Wayfair.

Needless to surprise, our BraZen Salute has always been a popular smart choice by the smart gamers. It has been loved by many because of how adaptable this gaming chair is, noting that it is “ideal for home and office”. The BraZen Salute is made even more adaptable to its environment because of its “ergonomic design” that can handle weight up to 120kg and supports a 360° swivel design feature.

All of these characteristics demonstrate the Salute’s multi-purpose function as it provides high levels of comfort whatever you use it for!

BraZen Salute PC Gaming Chair has also been reviewed by Best Gaming Laptops in the past, naming our Purple BraZen Salute PC Gaming Chair one of the Best Purple Gaming chairs!  To top it off, Best Gaming Laptops identifies the Salute as “an awesome gaming chair in your budget price”.

All in all, the BraZen Salute PC Gaming Chair is a unique and stylish chair that gives you elite comfort without having to break the bank!



Having our Brazen Salute available in Wayfair means our customers have more selection of stores to buy our chairs from. It is part of our commitment to make shopping experience easier because we simply are happy when our customers happy!