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Gaming Chairs – Looking For Value For Money – Look BraZen

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A quick review of the gaming chair market place shows that the team at BraZen Gaming Chairs are managing to do something right.

Don’t take our word for it – simply trawl the internet and you will find many of our very happy customers.

For example, a quick visit to www.reviewcentre.com and a search under the gaming chairs category gives about 50 reviews from individual customers on a range of gaming chairs. The great thing to note is the BraZen gaming chairs beyond any doubt get on the whole the best reviews of any chairs currently available in the UK.

The key feedback from our customers is that our products give excellent value for money. This is very much consistent with the corporate vision of being “By Design Best in Class”!

The gaming chairs that appears to be getting most of the plaudits is our entry level pedestal chair – the BraZen Stag 2.1 Surround Sound Gaming Chair.


The BraZen Stag gaming chair is a chair designed to suit teenagers/average sized adults. It comes with audio cables to connect to various devices. The Stag can be made into a wireless chair by simply purchasing one of the BraZen Universal Wireless Kits.


Another factor which has contributed to the relative success of the BraZen Stag is the fact that it has featured on television on The Gadget Show, and pictures of this event showing Otis and Jason from the Show sitting in our chairs are available at various places on the internet.

The BraZen Spirit 2.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair is the other product of ours to benefit from television exposure on The Gadget Show.


It is very interesting to note that this gaming chair is also receiving very positive feedback on the internet from individual customers. A further endorsement of this product is also provided by our corporate clients with the likes of Argos, Tesco, Littlewoods, BoysStuff.co.uk and Game all selling this item.

The BraZen Cobra 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Chair has also been a very solid performer for us over the last few years. This year we launched a wireless variant of this product. This means that because the Cobra is battery powered the combination with wireless technology means that this is the only gaming chair available in the UK which is totally wireless – all other chairs are mains powered.


The BraZen Storm Gaming Chair is the newest chair in the BraZen range. This chair is well proportioned compared to our competitors offerings. It is primarily a piece of furniture – it does not have speakers. Again due to its very competitive price this product appears to have been well received into the market place.


In summary, BraZen Gaming Chairs appear to be recognised as the UK’s number one gaming chair brand. The overriding support of our customers is because we are generally recognised to offer the best value for money proposition. Our commitment to our customers is to redouble our efforts going forwards to stay ahead of the competition and offering even better value for money in the future.