Look Who’s Back in Stocks!


Great news for our loyal customers who have been waiting for these hot stocks. Your waiting is finally over. Our most wanted chairs are back. Check them out.

Sound Chairs:

Both Brazen Stag and Brazen Pride has been selected to be one of “Best Gaming Chair for Console” by Games Radar.

Games Radar has recognised Brazen Pride and Brazen Stag as the best console chairs for children and teenagers! Our Pride and Stag chairs offer surround sound audio systems that are easy to use and delivers a “punchy bass”. These chairs have been branded as unique for their audio systems, but Games Radar also noted that these chairs are comfortable and would be ideal for children and early teenagers.

  1. Brazen Stingray 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Chair

One of our latest launch, Brazen Stingray is versatile and can be utilised for many purposes, whether it be for gaming, watching a movie, or even simply for listening to music. The Stingray’s multi-purpose function is enhanced by the chair’s incorporation of a 2.0 surround sound system which connects directly, or indirectly, to almost any audio device with an audio output – including (but not limited to) PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox X, and Xbox One.

PC Chair;

  1. Brazen Phantom Elite PC Gaming Chair

As T3 says, on  T3’s list of Best Gaming Chairs 2020! if you’re looking for something that can transition from work to play to a quick snooze, the BraZen’s Phantom is it”.

These beauties are available at our retailers now. Get them while they are still available. Our stocks sell fast.