New Product Launch: BraZen Esports PRO Gaming Floor Mat

No gaming session can be completely satisfactory if your gaming chair is prone to moving around. That’s why, at BraZen, we have launched a new BraZen Esports PRO Gaming Floor Mat to make sure your gaming experience is not compromised.

We understand that gaming is such a big umbrella term that it can cover virtually any genre, whether it’s World of Warcraft or Assetto Corsa, so it’s important to us that your reactions are catered for when buying our products. For example, our PRO Gaming Floor Mat is designed to have a high-quality rubber bottom and fabric surface. Not only does this mean that you don’t need to worry about sliding around (and for those of you that race, there’s no need to worry about potentially missing or pushing your pedals!), it also demonstrates the flexibility of the Mat, making it easier for you to transport around.

Additionally, the fabric surface provides immense comfort to your feet and still maintains its durability. In turn, this means that your gaming chair and other appliances won’t dig through the Mat and ruin your floor. Not to mention that this is on top of the protection given by the Mat’s rubber bottom, which means your floor will not be greeted with a rough surface and scratches!

In terms of the mat’s size, with approximate measurements of width 60cm and length 99cm, it is proportioned to ensure that a vast majority of gaming chairs can enjoy the benefits of it – so don’t worry if you think your chair might be too big

We think you’ll love our Esports PRO Gaming Floor Mat, because all of our products are made with no compromise!