New Product Launch: The BraZen Esports Pro RGB Gaming Headphones

BraZen’s new addition into our Esports range, BraZen Esports PRO RGB Gaming Headphones, has proven just how connected the brand is with their consumers. The launch of this new product has been our response to the growing demand for a high-quality headset to complement consumers’ gaming experience: it provides an enhanced experience when gaming by allowing gamers to feel truly immersed without noisy distractions.

Accordingly, these Headphones are designed with the gamer in mind. T3 rightly submitted that “The best gaming headset 2020 is going to be different for everyone”, but, it seems as though our headphones have found the perfect balance for it.

For example, if what you’re looking for is a headset for more general use, then our headphones are perfect for you. Not only do the fragrant colours give these high-quality headphones the stylish boost it needs, it comes with a noise-cancelling microphone and allows for volume adjustment so that listening to music and talking with friends doesn’t have to come with a high cost.

Alternatively, our headphones are built with an RGB light effect which gives it a competitive edge against its competitors, as it enables the individual gamer to truly feel like a professional. Not to mention the fact that our headphones weigh a minimal 348g, thus adding comfort by placing less weight on your head and enabling you to play for longer with no compromise.

For you who wish to purchase this headphone, they are now already available at our retailers. Happy shopping!