PLease Welcome our BraZen Esports PRO RGB Gaming Table


Gone are the days when gaming was just a pastime, now it becomes a profession and a business. Today, the market is flooded with countless numbers of high-tech games that require a proper work station, especially if you want to have an outstanding gaming experience. One of important gaming station’s element is gaming desk.

Gaming desks are often overlooked pieces of furniture but they’re the foundation upon which every great gaming setup is built upon. It offers space that is needed for your gaming PC and gaming monitor to having enough space to spread out with your gaming mouse, hence, buying the best gaming desk has become a necessity these days. Brazen is well aware of our customer’s need of this important gaming gear, and we are proudly present it to you our Brazen Esports PRO RGB Gaming Table.

Brazen Esports PRO RGB Gaming Table is explicitly designed for gaming. Every feature and aspect of the desk is optimized strategically for gamers. An outstanding feature of this product is the LED lighting which is powered by a USB interface and operated with the use of a controller.

It is manufactured with a strong melamine/carbon fibre board tabletop and a steel frame and leg supports which is designed for maximum stability to have a maximum load capacity of around 300 kg. This ensures that your gaming rig is kept safely above the ground, away from dust and dirt. It has stylish design and is designed to make your gaming experience heads to the next level.

Say no more, our galleries below should highlight the strengths of our Brazen RGB Gaming Table, and the reasons that makes it a good buy to complete your gaming setup.




There’s nothing better than sitting at a nice desk and feeling comfortable while you game. A dedicated gaming desk is perfect for anyone who’s looking to find the right space to kick back, relax, and play some amazing video games, and our Brazen Esports Pro RGB Table is up for it.

Happy gaming!