BraZen Scorpio 2.0 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair – Grey/Red/Black

BraZen Scorpio 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Chair, is the ideal chair for those just getting into their gaming!

This sound chair is compatible with all major gaming consoles, televisions and smart phones.  It is therefore a gaming, cinema and music chair all in one!

BraZen Scorpio 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Chair is a very robust comfortable piece of furniture with the added benefit of 2.0 surround sound speakers.

The chair is mains powered and comes with adaptor.

The chair connects to almost any device with an audio out – this includes PS4, PS3, Wii, Xbox One, Xbox360, televisions, MP3 players, smart phones and the like. The chair comes with audio cable to allow it to be connected to the chosen device.

To avoid confusion please note that the audio cable is not connected directly to the games console but the audio out of the television.


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Slide Union jack Stag front Fabric in hex Fire resistant British design BraZen no compromise British design Breathable fabric All materials comply with fire safety rules Stag dimentions Max weight 150Kg Speakers 1.1 headrest and seat mounted wireless audio Foldable Stag folded in hex


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