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How important is it for a gamer to have a gaming chair?

We believe that the act of sitting can place many stresses on the body. A healthy posture—when the spine is properly aligned—is believed to promote greater overall comfort. When spending long hours on a PC, it is imperative that you sit comfortably without subjecting your backbone to pressure.

Gamers are one known community to spend long hours session in front of computers.We bear this knowledge throughout our collaborative design process. We thrive to ensure that our chairs are designed to address poor sitting habits and teach you how to sit with correct posture. We aim to keep you healthy in the long run by allowing you to sit comfortably, and to be able to maintain a good posture which in turn leads to an improved well being; and of course, being well and feeling great leads to more focus and motivation while playing your games.

The honest and thorough review by The Sixth Axis below should help gamer to get a better idea if gaming chair indeed is worth the investment. In summary, The Sixth Axis has regarded BraZen Sentinel as “heaven for your buttocks and back.” with the highlight of the Pro’s includes:

  • Perfect for sitting on for long periods
  • No hidden pointy spears in the seat to surprise you
  • Doubles as a throne

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