Reviewed: Brazen Sentinel Elite Gaming Chair



BraZen strikes again after receiving praise on the Sentinel Elite Gaming Chair’s ability to “offer up plenty of comfort and flash for a price that doesn’t make you wince” by, a ranking platform which boasts an impressive following of over 3,000 followers on social media platforms such as Facebook. highlights the key selling point of the Sentinel Elite – its affordable price. Sold for less than £200, the Sentinel Elite presents itself as an affordable alternative against its competitors without compromising on quality and comfort.

The Sentinel is recognised for being a large and heavy chair, which is evidence of BraZen’s high-quality products as “weight is a good indication of material and build quality” according to Its weight shouldn’t deter you from buying the Sentinel Elite, however, as it simply demonstrates that BraZen truly makes no compromise when it comes to materials and comfort. Additionally, the Sentinel Elite’s size allows you to move freely in your chair without restrictions and has a bucket seat which is deep and wide to offer an even more realistic experience in this racer-style gaming chair.

Not to mention the fact that the Sentinel Elite is equipped with additional comfort features, such as supportive padding in its lumbar and head/neck cushions. These cushions are easily adjustable, making it easier for you to tailor the chair to suit your gaming and work style, whether you prefer to sit upright and focus or even lean back and relax. The Sentinel Elite also has a loud design; its unique and colourful aesthetic makes gaming and work more fun since it adds excitement to a long work day and “screams ‘Twitch streamer’” on gaming nights.

Not sure what chair to buy? Look no further than BraZen’s Sentinel Elite Gaming Chair as it is an all-rounder when it comes to PC gaming chairs!